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Paw Cleaner (50% Off)

Paw Cleaner (50% Off)

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A pet grooming accessory for every dog & cat parent!

  • Now don't worry about your pets getting the house dirty with their muddy feet after their walk. Use Jholmaal's feet cleaner! Simply pour some water into the cup, put your pet's feet in it, rotate it a few times & voila!
  • Clean as a whistle!
  • The cup cleaning tools has soft bristles for muddy feet. The unique design gets deep into the hair to remove the mud & will not wet the ground or your hands.
  • Lightweight & portable with string, the cup is very convenient for you to carry & hanging during your outings with your pooch.
  • Soft inner silicone material, is non-toxic & will do no harm to your pet’s feet.
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