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Super Comfy Pet Bed By Paw Harness™

Super Comfy Pet Bed By Paw Harness™

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The Super Comfy Pet Bed helps To Ease Your Dogs Anxiety! Introducing our new, original Calming Ultra Soft Bed, Made of Vegan Fur, and extra comfy.

On a daily basis, 25% dogs experience anxiety. When they are left alone, They build up stress and that is the main reason of destructive behavioral problems, due to this, they loss appetite and live a shorter life span.
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Best solution: Anxiety in pets can be simply solved with a relaxing and comfy rest. That's where Super Comfy Pet Bed helps! This bed mixes happiness and luxury into the most majestic sleeping experience for your furry friend.

Our Super Comfy Pet Bed Benefits
  • Extra comfort - Ideal for pets who love to cuddle! With head and neck support. Your pet will be so relaxed in this bed.
  • Eases Anxiety - The raised rim produce security and felling of coziness.
  • Ultra Soft, VEGAN Fur Fabric - Made from ultra soft vegan fur. It is one of the comfiest materials you will ever find. Its long fibers are soft durable, and it is machine-washable.
  • Cleaning dog hair is easier - While sleeping pets shed hairs. It is easy to clean up from one place.
  • Luxurious design - Very attractive and adorable design, This bed suits every home.
  • Easy to clean - It is machine washable bed so you don't need to give extra effort in washing.

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