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Why you should not use dog collars

Dog collar is fine for indoor, but if you take your dog for walk in the morning or evening your dog might pull the leash and hurt his neck.

Sometimes while trying to eat his collar dog stuck their mouth in the collar. If you are not around, the consequences might be very bad.

Avoid dog collar if you have fenced your home.

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  • "Thunder loves his harness and showing off his name! Quick and easy to put on and take off, excellent quality, strong enough to hold this big boy, stylish, and love the reflective strap for safety. I would highly recommend this product."

    - Dawn H.

  • "I'm a petite woman and my dog is 82lb of pure muscle. Normally he does not pull but when there's an encounter with another dog, I can barely control him. Now we have a puppy. Walking two of them will be much easier with the harness."

    - Maria B.

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