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Sofa Bed (Furniture Protector)

Sofa Bed (Furniture Protector)

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Protect your Sofa with this Paw Harness Sofa Bed!

The Super Comfy Sofa Bed helps to ease your dogs Anxiety! On a daily basis, 25% dogs experience anxiety. When they are left alone, They build up stress and that is the main reason of destructive behavioral problems, due to this, they loss appetite and live a shorter life span. 

Anxiety in pets can be simply solved with a relaxing and comfy rest. That's why we made this Sofa Bed.

Benefits of this Sofa Bed

  • ☑️Protects your furniture, while keeping your pet comfortable
  • ☑️Comfortable pet-friendly material
  • ☑️Helps in hair free Couch
  • ☑️Machine washable
  • ☑️Leakproof to keep your bed and sofa safe

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